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Building Community


Building Business

Contact Valerie for more information about these resources, or call the Chamber at 763.783.3553.

  • Certificates of Origin
    Exporting goods, and need to verify that your product was manufactured in the US? Get a Certificate of Origin during office hours (please call ahead). Free for members, $95 for general public.
  • Notary
    Free notary services for all chamber members is offered during normal business hours.
  • Grow Minnesota Visit
    As part of a statewide business retention program, we visit local businesses and thank them for being a part of this community, as well as offer resources to help them grow and thrive. If you wish to either visit a business or be visited, contact us.
  • Business Connections
    The MetroNorth Chamber holds regular events where you can meet a variety of other business owners and public officials. Opportunities to make connections & establish professional relationships occur on a weekly basis!
  • Mailing List
    Members may purchase a mailing list of our over 700 members. This is a great resource for any marketing plan.


Building Relationships

Contact DJ for more information about the below, or call the Chamber at 763.783.3553.

MetroNorth offers a diverse array of programs and opportunities to help you build and grow professional relationships. Click below for more information on our networking events and committees.