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Board of Directors Seeking Applicants

Servant Leadership

This week, as we enjoy family, food and fireworks, we should also pause to reflect on those who have served - or are currently serving - our Country. We would not still be celebrating our Independence Day if it wasn't for the men and women in uniform keeping us safe.

Serving for the greater good is not just reserved for the military. Many of us give back in other ways, including volunteering in all sorts of capacities. These 'servant leaders' are a cornerstone of our society. In fact, this Chamber would not be the strong, effective voice of business if it wasn't for the leaders who serve on our Board of Directors. Each Board member invests a small amount of time which collectively aggregates into a large and powerful impact.

Therefore, on behalf of our current Board of Directors, we encourage you to think about being a part of our Chamber in this leadership role. The Board meets 11 times a year, about an hour each time, and helps set the direction of the organization. It's a great way to really connect with other business leaders of the organization, too. Just fill out an application or contact us for more details.