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MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce Joins Hunting Works for Minnesota

Contact: Lori Higgins, lori@metronorthchamber.org

MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce Joins Hunting Works for Minnesota

Blaine, MN – February 2016

At their February 10th meeting, The MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to join Hunting Works for Minnesota, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the strong economic partnership between hunting and shooting communities and the local economy of Minnesota.

Hunting, a deep-rooted aspect of this state’s culture, is also a multi-million dollar industry. Millions of dollars are spent on hunting and shooting equipment, which translates into jobs, license fees, taxes, tourism, and more. As a grassroots organization, Hunting Works for Minnesota helps tell the story of the role hunting and shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Minnesota.

“When I learned of this organization, I realized how closely aligned our goals are,” stated MetroNorth Chamber President Lori Higgins. “Both of us strive to strengthen business, grow jobs and support the local economy. Within our north metro footprint in particular, we have many businesses who focus on hunting and shooting sports, including gun clubs and supply stores. It’s a natural fit for our shared stakeholders.”

Said Bruce Nustad, President of the Minnesota Retailers Association and co-chair of Hunting Works for Minnesota, “I am pleased that the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce is a partner with our organization. This is an important initiative to highlight the impact of hunting to Minnesota’s economy and heritage. Minnesota’s 500,000 hunters help create 12,400 jobs and generate a $1.3 billion ripple effect to our state’s economy.”

To learn more about either organization visit HuntingWorksForMN.com or MetroNorthChamber.org.

The MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce’s mission statement is to strengthen business and stimulate economic prosperity.