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Mate Precision Tooling hosts free tour October 6th

When we hear the word manufacturer most of us depict a similar image. A worker standing on their feet for long hours, doing monotonous repetitive tasks, trying to make ends meet. As technology rapidly changes, so has the job of the manufacturer worker. Gone are the days of dirty, dim, dingy, manufacturing jobs. Because technology advances at an astounding rate, the need for skilled, educated workers has skyrocketed. In many cases manufacturers are starving for a workforce to fill these jobs, which have turned into high-paying careers.

The Chamberís Workforce Development Committee is connecting local high schools with key manufacturers. They want to change the perception of the manufacturer worker from what it was, to what it is today: a safe, well paid, proud profession of educated individuals. They have organized a tour for high school students and their parents to tour some a key manufacturer in the area. See below for more details. You and your family are encouraged to join us!

Download the flyer here.