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Silent Impact: Influence Through Purpose, Persistence & Passion

Silent Impact: Influence Through Purpose, Persistence and Passion

MetroNorth Membership Meeting Featuring Joe Schmit

Wed, July 15, 12 pm

TPC Twin Cities


In this high energy, high impact presentation loaded with humor Joe Schmit inspires and teaches you how to ramp up the profound power of your influence.  Through research, Joe has discovered that we make our biggest impressions when we are not trying to be impressive.  You can become an "Impact Player" who makes everyone around you better just by being there.


If there were a going away party at your work place today, who would the most people show up for?  That person is having a "Silent Impact" on everyone around them, but what is their secret? You can become that person of great influence.  Joe's authentic style will rally the audience to embrace their own power of influence. Just $25 per person/$175 table. RSVP to Valerie@metronorthchamber.org.