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Section of Main Street/125th Avenue (Anoka County Road 14)

Main Street/125th Avenue will close to all traffic between University Avenue and Jefferson Street beginning at 6 a.m., Wed, July 13, 2011 as part of the Anoka County Road 14 Design Build project. The closure is necessary as crews begin construction.

This segment between University Avenue and Jefferson Street will re-open in early September 2011.

Drivers should follow posted detour routes. The overall project detour is Bunker Lake Boulevard. Going East, turn North on Hanson Boulevard to Bunker Lake Boulevard turning East to Central Avenue (T.H. 65) then South. Going West, head North on Central Avenue (T.H. 65) and then West on Bunker Lake Boulevard to Hanson Boulevard and head South.

Additional project activities include tree removals. Tree removal work willbegin the week of July 11 and only trees within the project right-of-way will be removed at this time.

The Main Street/125th Avenuedesign-build reconstruction project covers three and one half miles and includes an overpass at the railroad crossing between Avocet Street and Foley Boulevard. The roadway will be expanded to four lanes, with a median down the middle, along with protected right and left turn lanes. Bike and pedestrian trails also will be constructed. Segments of the roadway will be closed during different stages of construction. Completion is scheduled for fall 2012.

For more information, visit the Highway Department's project page at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=yp9zhzcab&et=1106554232967&s=6&e=001B77-YX3rbwSLnR7Ngd6uvGEwVEuk4rzY4wCOu48BqfKjI2D22xc41JVvGeDfL9GK3wj1C9iWzdYo4h1NYUdQ3qrBbCveUsvoqJ8kSsIARHGjXLGIpZBJP56QhD80wxbHsvO0rvQ3Bpk=or call/email the project information line at: 1-877-254-3997 or countyroad14@co.anoka.mn.us