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Meet the MNCC Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended our "Meet the Board of Directors" Sunrise on Tuesday, April 29. It was a huge success!
Almost the entire board was present and we had over 40 members attending. Many questions where asked about the Chamber's future goals and how to grow business in our community.
Tom Katt and the Staff of Red Oak Wine & Steaks did an outstanding job on breakfast. They opened especially for us! They are normally open for dinner and if you haven't had dinner there - please join them - they are located in Lino Lakes, 566 Lilac St. They are one of two 5 star restaurants in Minnesota! They have an incrediable menu, with some wonderful wild game entrees too!
Please send any comments to jill@metronorthchamber.org. We will be making this an annual event.
Thank you!